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Trango Shark Rock Climbing Nut Tool

Shark Rock Climbing Nut Tool

While the locking blade can be opened and closed with one hand, it's absolutely impossible to open when clipped to a carabiner. Trango Shark Nut Tool - The Shark Nut Tool by Trango is an incredibly versatile nut tool and knife in one. The Shark combines two useful and common climbing tools into one, a stainless steel nut tool, and a razor-sharp locking knife. The serrated blade is machined from surgical quality 440-C stainless steel. To close the blade, gently push the side locking mechanism out of the way of the blade. Perfect for sawing through the wad of slings that's keeping you from clipping that fixed pin. Whether you are cleaning a pitch or prepping your dinner, make sure you have the Shark Nut Tool by Trango. The Shark uses a side-lock mechanism to hold the blade in place once it's open. ...

Price: $24.95 | Merchant: Outdoorplay | Date: Mar-17, 2018

Trends Trango Amphibian Rope 8 1mm

9mm diameter the lotus is a great introduction to skinnier ropes and it has find trango shark rock tool nut climbing find a long lasting performance when you re projecting and falling over and over.

Price: $174.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Catalyst Climbing Rope 9 0mm One Color 80m

Like the aquatic animals trango named it after the amphibian climbing rope thrives , price trango shark nut tool one color, one size , price in moisture riddled environments from nearby ice crags to.

Price: $298.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Trends Amphibian Climbing Rope 8 1mm Yellow 60m

Trango treated both core and sheath with Duo Dry for reliable resistance against moisture dirt and abrasion. Trango treated the sheath to resist water and abrasion and there s a distinct middle.

Price: $174.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Reviews Trango Diamond Climbing Rope Last 4mm Green 60m

Make each climb a little more colorful with Trango s MTape and keep your fingers from bloodying up the crack. The Amphibian meets UI certification for use as a half or twin rope. The Amphibian meets.

Price: $194.95 | Merchant: Backcountry